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Premium Manufacturer and Global Exporter of European Fasteners

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Standard and Industrial

The Broad Range of Standard and Industrial Fasteners are available based on your custom specification.

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Brass Components

One Stop Solution for Cable Glands, Battery Terminals, Neutral Links, Terminal Blocks and more.

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Welcome to Brass Components

ISO 9001:2015 Certified and Leading Manufacturer of European Fasteners & Brass Components, Export the production to the National and International Level as well. We specialize in standard and customized European fasteners and Brass Components including Cable Glands, Neutral Links, Terminal Blocks, Earthing Components and More. Our experienced team, advanced technical resources and standard machineries provide a high-quality fastening solution. We design and develop European Fasteners and Brass Components for your special and general applications. You can find various standard and international standard fasteners including EN, ASTM, ANSI, BS, ISO, DIN, JIS, GOST, CSN, UNI, BS, BN and many other as well. We are committed to our customer for production, quality and delivery. We export European Fasteners and Brass components in Germany, UK, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Greece, Sweden, Romania, Russia, Finland, and all European Countries.

About us

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Quality Policy

Quality is our primary objective of satisfying and meeting the needs of the customer. We have established an ISO 9001:2015 International Standard Quality Management System. We design and define our quality policy based on our workability and basic customer requirements.

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Quality Control & Inspection

We inspect our product, system and production line to identify the fault at a particular stage or point. It is directly connected to quality control. The inspection helps to improve quality, prevent defects, reduces rejection and maintains quality control.

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International Standard Fasteners

International Standards of Fasteners are technical standard related to product dimensions, mechanism, performance and durability. The Standards are developed by international organizations mainly for overcoming technical barriers and develop high precision machine tools and parts.

One Stop Industrial Fasteners Solution

The Fasteners are the Connecting Elements which keeps the world together. We use various types of fasteners in our day-to-day life, from light-duty holding applications to heavy-duty industrial applications. Generally, fasteners use for both temporary and permanent connection. Fasteners classify by their method of joining materials such as welding, taping, crimping and locking. They can use in many industrial sectors such as manufacturing, construction, maintenance, automation, electronic, machine structure, infrastructure, medical and many other. Some common fasteners, bolts, screws, nuts, inserts, plugs, anchors also use for general purpose applications such as holding, fixing, lifting and joining. They also classify by specific application such as industrial, military, aerospace, security and marine. All fasteners have their specific features and applications.

European Fasteners Solutions

European Fasteners are the ideal solution for your various applications, as they cover many different types of fasting elements. European fasteners are available in different materials, shape, size, thread, head, drive style, finishing and many configurations. European Fasteners meet all your prime requirements and provide high-quality performance. Here you can find the best European fasteners for an appropriate application. The range of European Fasteners includes DIN Standard Nuts, DIN Standard Bolts, DIN Standard Washers, DIN Standard Screws, DIN Standard Rivets, Studs, Clamps and many more. We also provide export service to Many European countries and worldwide. For more product or information or custom brass components Inquiry, please contact us.

Our Products

european fastener

European Fasteners

DIN EN 27042 Hex Nuts , DIN EN 22341 Clevis Pins, DIN EN 24016 Hex Bolts & More


cable glands

Cable Glands

DIN EN 89283 Cable Glands, DIN EN 89280 Cable Glands, DIN EN 62444 Cable Glands


battery terminals

Battery Terminals

DIN 72331 Battery Terminals, DIN 72332 Battery Terminals & More.


neutral links

Neutral Links

Neutral Links 4 Way, Neutral Links 8 Way, Neutral Link Bars and more.


terminal blocks

Terminal Blocks

Brass Terminal Blocks, Euro Terminal Blocks and more


earthing product

Earthing Components

Earthing Clamps, Earthing Rods, Neutral Bars & More.


We serve the best Quality

At Brass Components, Quality is our manufacturing motto. Producing high-quality products have always been the cornerstone of our manufacturing motto and will continue to bring our customer new and innovative products.

Our target is to deliver zero defect products to our valued customer across the world. To meet the global demand of our customer, we inspect each stage of manufacturing right from raw material purchase to finished goods.

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