Earthing Terminals
Earthing Terminals

Earthing Terminals

We manufacture Earthing Terminals from High-quality Standard Material or Customized Material. Here you can find the Right Earthing Terminal for your application. Earthing Terminal is nothing but Simple Metal Strip. Earthing Terminals are connected Earthing Conductor to building’s concrete. The Design of Earthing Terminals is that the mounting rail has not only a mechanical but also an electrical function. Mechanical and Electrical contact is Automatically generated by simply snapping the Earthing Terminals onto the DIN rail. We provide Earthing Terminals as per Customer Drawings and specifications. Earthing Terminals are designed and developed by our Engineers with following Customer Specifications and Critical Dimensions.

earthing terminals

Here you can find different types of Earthing Terminals with different standards such as American Standard, Middle East Standard, Australian Standard, German Standard, European Standard and another International Standard. Earthing Terminals are also available with various type of material, shapes, size, thread form, finishing, drive style and any other configurations. Here, you can find Earthing Terminals with various type of Plating or Finishing such as Tin, Zinc (yellow, white, blue, black), Hot Dip-Galvanized, Chrome, Nickel-Brass, Natural Brass, black oxide, Electro Tin, Electro Plating, Bronze, Phosphate, Powder Coating and any other as per requirements. All Earthing Terminals has its own Characteristic and Benefits. Earthing Terminals are widely exported in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, UK and many other European Countries.

Specification and Features

  • Highly Durable and Reliable.
  • Resistance to Corrosion and Abrasion.
  • Low contact resistance
  • RoHS and REACH Compliant.
  • UL and cUL Listed.
  • High Tensile Strength.
  • Suitable for all type of wire.
  • Easier to handle.
  • Less Maintenance Requires.
  • Provides Enhanced Conductivity.
  • Possibility of installing additional marking tags.


  • Earthing Terminals meet light, medium and heavy-duty industrial applications.
  • Customized hardware products.
  • Distribute Electricity with greater ease and flexibility.
  • High dynamic contact reliability.
  • Available with Yellow-Green Universally color-code.
  • Provide security insurance for connecting.
  • No extra drilling required.
  • It is play major role for protective earthing.
  • Good electricity conduction and heat transfer.
  • Earthing Terminals commonly used in Earthing and Grounding.
  • Provide General Safety to Personal and Equipments.
  • It is also used in various Marine Projects.

How it Works:

  • Select right Earthing Terminal as per requirement.
  • Mount with help of mounting screw and screwdriver.
  • Fix tightly and Ensure connection will not loose.

Applicable Industrial Sector:

  • Automotive
  • Automobile
  • Construction & Building
  • Manufacturing
  • Machinery
  • Marine
  • Aerospace
  • Security
  • Defence and Military
  • Telecommunication
  • Oil and Gas
  • Railway
  • Mining

We manufacture and export Earthing Terminals based on Custom Specification (Drawings and Samples). For more information, Please Contact Us.