Neutral Links

Neutral Links

We manufacture and export Neutral Links Made of High-quality Standard Material or Customized Material. Here you can find Right Neutral Link for your application. Neutral Link is nothing but small piece of metal which is act as link in circuit. Neutral Links are the heart of Electric Industry. Neutral Links widely used in Electric Board and Panel Board. The voltage at the neutral link point is zero, although it still carries the current. Neutral Links are back bone in building circuit protection such as circuit breaker, Switch gear, Energy meter, RCB and MCB. Neutral Link plays the major role in isolation for Electric Equipment. Neutral links provide protection from short circuit and preventing electric circuit from damage caused by overload. We also provide Neutral Links as per Customer Drawings and specifications. Neutral Links are designed and developed by our Engineers with following Customer Specifications and Critical Dimensions.

neutral links

Here you can find different types of Neutral Links with different standards such as American Standard, Middle East Standard, Australian Standard, German Standard, European Standard and another International Standard. Neutral Links are also available with various type of material, shapes, size, thread form, head, finishing, drive style and any other configurations. Here, you can find Neutral Links with various type of Plating or Finishing such as Tin, Zinc (yellow, white, blue, black), Hot Dip-Galvanized, Chrome, Nickel-Brass, Natural Brass, black oxide, Electro Tin, Electro Plating, Bronze, Phosphate, Powder Coating and any other as per requirements. All Neutral Links has its own Characteristic and Benefits.

Specification and Features:

  • High Durability and reliability.
  • Screws are fitted to make instant connections.
  • Corrosion and Abrasion Resistance.
  • Available with Compact Design and strong construction.
  • Neutral Links available with Smooth-finishing Surface.
  • RoHS Compliant and UL Listed.
  • High Breaking Capacity and Sturdiness.
  • Efficient Performance.
  • High Thermal and Electric Conductivity.
  • Can be Connect with any types of Screw and Bolts.


  • Available with various type of slotted screw.
  • Terminate more than one wire.
  • Neutral Links provide option for connection.
  • Simple Maintenance for even Complex Installation.
  • Provide Protection from overload and short circuit.
  • Provide Isolation to Electric circuit or Panel.
  • Larger wire connects area.
  • Uniformly distributed electrical field and rugged construction.
  • Neutral Links with mounting Base.
  • Single Pole Neutral Links are line-interactive type terminal blocks.
  • Double Pole neutral links used in isolation of electric equipment and to protect faulty downstream.
  • Provide secure and reliable connection.

How it works:

  • Select Neutral Link as per application.
  • Install with Neutral Link Unit with help mounting base.
  • Connect a neutral connection by means of a soldering or screw mounting technique.

Applicable Industrial Sector:

  • Automotive
  • Automobile
  • Construction & Building
  • Manufacturing
  • Machinery
  • Marine
  • Aerospace
  • Security
  • Defence and Military
  • Telecommunication
  • Oil and Gas
  • Railway
  • Mining

We manufacture and export Neutral Links based on Custom Specification (Drawings and Samples). For more information, Please Contact Us.